Anthropod Evolutionary History

Jessica Field

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Anthropod Evolutionary History

Anthropods Evolutionary History - Book Series, 2009

Anthropod books on code created to design robots

Photo credit: Paul Litherland

Book series of all versions of code created to develop the Antropod robots. The series is comprised of 5 books one for each anthropod robot. The code was written in assembler and the book contains the notes for each version on what problems it resolved and what new problems were descovered that needed improvement on to further develop each robot.

The Number of Generations that Each Anthropod has Completed

The Bi Magnetotransis has completed 15 phases of evolution. The Quadra Magnetoconsumous has finished 13 generations of evolution. The Hexa Infraseekozoid, being the most complex, had to undergo 23 phases of evolution to have it begin to be able to mate with other robots. The Bounci Vicarioustransis is the simplest robot and has only had 3 generational evolutions. The Sidewind Externalreactozoid has had 10 phases of evolution to date.