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Anthropods, 2009

Image of hydrozoen robots walking on table top

Photo Credit: Paul Litherland

This is a series of five robots that are separated by different pens. The video Anthropod Tales is about what I want the robots to appear like to the public. What they actually do is another story. These robots are programmable, meaning they can evolve. Each program I write is the next phase of evolution. So the question becomes how many phases of evolution will it take for these robots to perfectly embody the ideal I have given them in the videos? In the meantime, are the robots successfully behaving like artificial organisms? Even more important, do they appear more like an artificial life form in the process of being created then what they will be when the project is completed? By meddling with the robots, will the artist loose the dynamic behaviour of the robots slowly over time molding them to her ideals or will their character's improve as they are modified and "perfected?"