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Ecosystem Robots, 2008

Line Reading Robot

Line Reading Robot from Jessica Field on Vimeo.

This stubborn species of robot lives off the product of its own delusions. It is obsessed with finding lines as often as possible and it uses the presence of sound as its means to find lines to read. Observational studies of gathered research on the Line Reading Robot.

Line Drawing Robot

Field Studies (Drawing Robot) from Jessica Field on Vimeo.

It is without a doubt that the Drawing Line Robot species lives in its own paradigm where its complete attention to light drives all of its behaviours. It is also influenced by the Light Seeking robot in that every time this robot sees light, the Drawing robot draws a line.

Light Seeking Robot

Field Studies: Light Seeker Robot from Jessica Field on Vimeo.

The Light Seeker robot shows all the impatience of a species of robot driven by instant gratification. Quite often its impatience is the cause of its inability to take care of its essential needs.

Light Emitting Robot

Field Studies: Light Emitter from Jessica Field on Vimeo.

Explanation video on the Light Emitter robot. This video describes the accumulative research that has been acquired on the social behaviours of this particular robot. It is clear that this species does not have the observational skills to be attentive to the needs of the Light Seeking robot that is highly dependant on it.