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Protozoan Flagelates

Jessica Field

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Field Studies V2
Field Studies V1
Robot Zoo Project
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Allegory of Pulse
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Jim Campbell Laura Kikauka Nick Stedman
Luc Courchesne Gordon Monahan Nell Tanhaaf
Peter Flemming David Rokeby Florent Veilleux
Jean-Pierre Gauthier Victoria Scott Bill Vorn
Ken Gregory Geoffrey Shea Norman White

Interesting Artists

Theo Jansen
Cara Sawka
Caroline Boileau
The Toaster Project
Clunk Puppet Lab

Automata Links

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
Tim Hunkin
Automata Book Review Blog (

Electronics Retailers in Canada

HVW Technologies Robotshop
Allied Electronics Digikey
AP Circuits Solarbotics
Abacom Wireless Technologies Adafruit (New York Company)
Make Magazine The Bone Yard (Film SPFX)