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Guinevere (2001)

Guinevere was created for the Harbourfront Duct Tape Challenge in 2001. She won the grand prize for the competition. The Jury did not know that Guinevere was a fully functional automata duct tape sculpture until the artist showed the work to her friend at the awards ceremony. She is presently owned by Manco and hopefully, she still exists in their duct tape museum.

When Guinevere's crank turns, her head bobs her arms turn and her feet tap on a hollow board creating a tap dance of her own.

Owned by Manco Inc

If it were Broken, it would be simple (2000)


The mechanical sculpture holds an hour glass horizontally and it waits for someone to push the top/bottom button ...instead of turning the hour glass left or right, the robot tilts its head, giving you a quick sideways nod. Those who hold the buttons down, will only watch the robot continuously tilt its head at the audience, rocking back an forth in a manner that says “so? What now?”

The work stands five and half feet tall. This machine uses only relays to activate the head response. It was constructed before I started learning to program microcontrollers.

Personal Scale (1999)

This mechanical sculpture acts as a scale measuring self worthiness. It tips the head over in the state of "NO" decided that the head is worth nothing and should drop on the floor, but then changes its mind to "ME" accepting that its individuality is worth something and the head can remain upright. The machine is constantly in a state of indecision.

The machine is automated. It has no computer to make decisions about self worth, nor does it base its responses to information from any data. It just teeters between the two choices and holds to one for a random amount of time before changing its mind to the next option.