Parabolic Lecture

Jessica Field

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Schematic of Parabolic Behaviours Lecture, 2013

Detail of blackboard used for lecture

Parabolic Behaviours is a piece that attempts to create a formula that defines and brings together two entirely opposing beliefs using the three automata films as its argument. The image feels like a farce as non-materialism and materialist views are at total opposition and rarely want to accept the other fractions notions. The formula at the top middle of the drawing shows the two fractions generic interpretation in each coloured circle for each film. The centre is the conclusion of where the outside formulas are best quantified.

Around this circle is the information about the films using diagrams of how the automata works to explain the origins of the formulas that are derived from the centre of the blackboard. Each film represents a primary colour perspective that makes the three circles. How they meet as secondary colours are the interpretation of how materialism and non-materialism would define as the works major themes.

The piece is both intentionally absurd and meaningless yet there is something about it that demands attention and conveys truth. Is this feeling coming from the fact that the blackboard is a formal object that is design to teach knowledge and therefore truth? Or is it in the contradictions and the absurd nature of the blackboard that hits on something important that has meaning by missing the mark in streaming endless predictable propaganda notions from both belief fractions.