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Robot Zoo project, 2007

Robot Zoo from Jessica Field on Vimeo.

The Robotic Zoo project is unfinished presently. It remains to be worked out how this piece would be best represented as a gallery installation. The finished parts are a performance where I dress up as a scientist lecturing on my robot zoo project explaining its benefits to humanity and a video where I explain the first few behaviours of my robots using subtitles.

The final stage of the work was to use the blackboard drawing in the lecture to create a robotic collective that carried out the concepts in the flow chart (Image is below). All the robots were going to look different and have to deal with their differences in appearance. Ultimately, the work was based on the philosophies found in The Revolution of the Everyday Life by Raoul Vaneigm and the flow chart which was the conclusion of a large series of blackboard drawings that worked out how the concepts from Vaneigem's book could be best explained and tested using a robotic AI system. The last element of the piece was to create a book work of the collection of blackboard drawings that interpreted The Revolution of the Everyday Life.

To see the entire lecture performance just click here