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Autonomous Robot used to teach youth how to make a robot

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General Information about Workshops

I typically teach workshops to individuals in the art community that are hosted by non-profit organisations. I personally do not have the facilities to teach large classes from my own base of operations.

For organisations who are interested in creating New Media course content to the community, these tabs describe courses I have designed to teach and courses that I have taught in the past. If you are interested in me doing workshops for your organisation, please to not hesitate to contact me. My fees for instruction follow the Fee Guidelines of CARFAC Ontario.

Automata Workshops

Piano Players Workshop

This is a workshop for students between the ages of 8 and 16 where students learn about automata and create a piano player out of cardboard and paper. This is a three hour class. Students learn the basics on how to make a crank out of wire and learn its potential in creating characters that can move.

Fire Breathing Dragon Workshop

This project has been taught from 6 to 12 year olds but can easily be taught up to 16 year olds. The project involves building a dragon out of cardboard that can open and close its mouth while blowing flames. The project for young children takes a few days if they do not have parental help. I have taught this workshop at the Whitby Station gallery during a week summer camp and at the Robert McLaughlin as part of a Grandparent and Grandchild workshop. As an option and depending on budget it is also possible to add glowing eyes to the dragon that light up only when it is opening its mouth to expose its flames. This version was taught to a Station Gallery Summer camp in 2010.

Making a Playing Band Workshop

This workshop is my newest workshop for youth classes. Students will learn how to make an automata band of four musicians: a piano player, guitar player, bass player and a fiddle player or a singer depending on the interest of the class. Students will learn how to make band members and learn how to draw them then how they can add thick card to create instruments that actually move at the turn of a single crank using cams and leavers. This class is designed for older students from 8 to 16 years old.

Robot Workshops

Autonomous Robot Workshop

This is an inexpensive workshop (each robot costs $10) that teaches students how to make an autonomous robot which is a robot that can navigate in its environment without any help from an operator. This workshop has been taught to kids at risk in Toronto, taught as part of the Art Smart program in Durham Region over a period of 8 hours and has been taught at the Durham Art Gallery in Durham, Ontario. Students learn the power of switches that can be used as an obstical avoidence system and they also learn how to build a robot body from found objects or using origami techniques using foam sheet.